Who We Are

We are a small town screenprinting shop running a national screenprinting operation. We can print it all!

How It Started

We started in the Historic Rice Stix Shirt Factory with a small manual press and 1500 sqft. We can now print thousands of prints per hour in our lean 10,000 sqft facility. 

Why Choose Us

We pride ourself in quality and affordability. We run this company with moral values with a desire to support small business, churches, and schools nationwide. 

How It Works

You can either design online and order your shirts, or contact us for a custom quote for your particular needs! Taking care of you, our customer, is our top priority. 


The Missouri Shirt Company is a high quality screenprinting and custom art shop based in Farmington Missouri. Our shop is located in the historic Rice Stix Shirt Factory that was built in 1933 during the depression. The Missouri Shirt Co. is taking on that history by running a high quality hand printed – affordable – screenprinting solution, in that very same factory. We mix history, art, and local business to offer you custom apparel that fits your needs.

Chris Norman – Owner | Printer | Artist

Our Shop

It is our goal to fill needs in our local community. We see a need to get great shirts to great people. We are Chris and Jess Norman, the owners of Missouri Shirt Company. 

The Missouri Shirt Company is located in the historic factory in Farmington Missouri. This factory was originally built during the depression in 1933. The cost for the original building was $40,000 and it housed the Rice Stix Shirt company. This division produced shirts for WWI. It remained a quality shirt company until sometime in the 90’s. 

Like the original shirt factory that served our country and community for 50+ years. We want to carry that tradition on in our own unique way. We want to offer our community affordable and high quality screen printing. We want to bring back the local art shop and see more thriving small business. 

My wife and I have a passion to build community and small business. In our community we have built a retail boutique and a marketing company. Missouri Shirt company will be our latest creation and we are excited. 

No matter what you need for personal shirts, business shirts, or for your organization we can make it happen for you. If you are apart of our local community that is great. You should drop by our state of the art shop and see whats going on!

If you are far away, we still can help you as well. We offer free and affordable shipping on our shirts.

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